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Pageant Gal US & America competitions
This will be a bi-annual contest with 10 female divisions; 
  • 0-2 years (No essay)
  • 2 -5 years (No essay)
  • 6 - 9 years (No essay)
  • 10 - 13 years
  • 14 - 18 years
  • 19 - 29 years
  • 30 - 39 years
  • 40 - 49 years
  • 50 & up
  • Woman (Plus Size)
  • (Boys/Men divisions may be combined/no crown provided)
Delegates will be judged in 3 categories; 
  • Headshot, (Glitz or Natural Photos welcome) 
  • 3/4 or Full length photo (Glitz or Natural Photos welcome) 
  • 300-500 word essay (No essay for under 9 years) 
The essay should be about yourself, your platform, or why you would like to represent one of our titles. The photos should be taken within the past 2 yrs. 
Email you entry to
The basic state/regional entry is $40 and we do accept paypal at the above address. 
You may also choice the option of an Deluxe entry which includes;
  a crown & sash representing your state title for $100. International (out of country entries), pay $140 for entry with crown & sash due to extra shipping costs. Both the Basic & Deluxe entries are eligible to win the national crown & sash. International delegates expect longer shipping times. Men's nation prize is just a sash. 

Deadlines to enter are June 8th & December 8th. Winners to be announced by June 30th and December 31st. . 
State titles will be announced on this page as entries are accepted. 
Names will NOT be announced until the deadline has passed. 
  (For children only last initial & first name)
All participants receive discount on future entry to the America's SUPER Pageant with a shared crown/tiara.   Out of country entries are eligible for the overall International title, crown & sash. 
Winners will be announced on this page by June 30th and December 30th.

International delegates are welcome to represent their country! 
One Int'l title will be awarded for each competition to the overall high score! 
Example - Ms. Pageant Gal International or Ms. Pageant Gal Inter-Nationale

Now accepting 2014 Pageant Gal US entries
(​Deadline to enter December 8th, 2013 / Winners announced December 31st)
State crown & sash
2014 Pageant Gal America entries
(Deadline to enter June 8th, 2014 / Winners announced by June 30th

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Division - 

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Baby 0 - 2 years (No essay)
(No Entries) ​

Tiny 2 - 5 years (No essay)
(No Entries) 

Junior 6 - 9 years (No essay)
Junior Miss Pageant Gal Hawaii ​
Junior Miss Pageant Gal New York

PreTeen 10 - 13 years

Teen 14 - 18 years
Teen Miss Pageant Gal Nevada ​

 ​Miss or Mrs. 19 - 29 years
Mrs. Pageant Gal Virginia

Ms. or Mrs. 30 - 39 years
(No Entries) ​

Lady 40 - 49 years
Mrs. Pageant Gal Minnesota Lady
Mrs. Pageant Gal New Mexico Lady 
Mrs. Pageant Gal South Dakota Lady

Elite 50 & up
Mrs. Pageant Gal Arkansas Elite
Ms. Pageant Gal Minnesota Elite
Ms. Pageant Gal Montana Elite​

Woman (Size 16 & up)
Mrs. Pageant Gal New York Woman 

Mrs. Pageant Gal US Lady - Janice Celeste
Tiny 2 - 5 years 

Tiny Miss Pageant Gal America - Chloe Annabelle June S

​Junior 6 - 9 years (No essay)

Junior Miss Pageant Gal America - Ariel Renee June S

PreTeen 10 - 13 years

PreTeen Miss Pageant Gal America ​- Esmerelda R

Miss or Mrs. 19 - 29 years

Miss Pageant Gal Alabama - Taylor Jackson 

Miss Pageant Gal Colorado - Laurie Pierce

Miss Pageant Gal Texas - Emily Avera  (1st RU)

Miss Pageant Gal America - Vanessa C.

Ms. or Mrs. 30 - 39 years

Mrs. Pageant Gal Arizona - Jessica Smith

Mrs. Pageant Gal America ​- Shawn Cunningham

Mrs. Pageant Gal Pennsylvania - Melissa Reed (1st RU)

Lady 40 - 49 years

Mrs. Pageant Gal Canada Lady - Jeanette Parker

Mrs. Pageant Gal America Lady - Laura Baechtel

Elite 50 & up

Ms. Pageant International Oregon Elite - Janine Henry

Woman (Size 16 & up)

Ms. Pageant Gal America Elite - Connie J Jones

Ms. Pageant Gal Oklahoma Woman - Erin Teet

Mrs. Pageant Gal America  Woman - Hannah Sara Kessel 

​Men (all ages)

Mr. Pageant Guy America - Toany Le

Chloe Annabelle June S - Full
Ariel Renee June S - Headshot
Ariel Renee June S - Full
Jessica Smith - Headshot
Jessica Smith - 3/4
Miss Pageant Gal of Hope
Special Needs - any age (No Entries) 
Miss Pageant Gal of Hope
Special Needs - any age 
Ms. Pageant Gal Oklahoma Hope Princess

​Men (all ages)
(No Entries) ​
Teen 14 - 18 years
(No Entries) ​

Baby 0 - 2 years (No essay)
(No Entries) ​