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America's SUPER Pageant & Pageant Gals Online Payments
Crowns and Sashes are ordered upon receipt of your deposit, and shipped upon full payment of your entry fee. Please allow an approximate 4 weeks production time. 

Checks will be accepted up to 2 weeks before the deadlines. Make checks to...
Red's Studio
PO Box 2114
Hamilton, MT 59840

America's SUPER Pageant
(click the option below to make a payment)

$45 Pageant Gal online contest 

$65 SPECIAL "Buckle Up" Ad page in Program 

$75 Video Package

$95 Payment 

$100 Deposit or Monthly payment amount

$140 Pageant Gal International entry

$150 Payment/Regular Ad Page

$200 Payment 

$250 Payment 

$295 Payment

$300 Payment

$395 Payment

When you pay in full, your crown & sash are shipped as soon as possible and you can begin making appearances and earning Bonus Points. 

If you would like to submit a payment in a denomination not specified above, you may send it by Paypal to PayPal.Me/JanetBierer