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Pearl C
Tiny Miss Pageant Gal Utah

Chaslin RF
Junior Miss Pageant Gal Montana

Danniell Collins
Teen Miss Pageant Gal Oregon 

My name is Danniell Collins, and I am a 15 year old sophomore at Klamath Union High School in Klamath Falls, Oregon. I live with my mom, step-dad, 2 sisters, and 3 uncles. I have participated in every sport available. I have played football, volleyball, cheerleading, tennis, track, but my favorite is basketball. This year I am on the JV basketball team and seeing a lot of playing time.

Giving back to my community by volunteering with non-profit organizations helps not only the organization but makes me feel good about my efforts. I have been fortunate enough to receive a mentor from the “Kids in the Middle Program” that meets with me every week. She has shown me that giving is an important part of life and I am following in her footsteps and plan to continue giving back for my lifetime. I have had the opportunity to volunteer with Citizens for Safe Schools, a food drive for the local animal shelter, Benefit for the Basin, Counselor for Camp Evergreen, a fundraiser for the Red Cross and was the keynote speaker at the Alpha Delta Kappa Founders Day. I have created a G.I.V.E. bag project to be the person to give a hand up, not a hand out. With this project, I fill gallon-size Ziploc baggies with personal hygiene and other miscellaneous items, such as: blankets, 2 pairs of socks, tissues, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes,soap, raisins, cookies, crackers, hats, gloves, gum and toothpaste. I deliver these, with an adult, to people who are on the street asking for help. I have already delivered one hundred. I was able to purchase these items by writing a $100 grant, and by collecting cans and turning them in for the deposit. Many people want to give back, but are not sure what they can do, or feel their age keeps them from being involved. That is why I talked to Mrs. Palmer’s 6th grade class and had each student make a G.I.V.E. bag to distribute to a needy person. I was hoping to plant the seed of volunteerism to a classroom of students.

It is important for a local, state and national titleholder to be seen and heard, not just sitting in a room with a crown on her head. I will be the kind of titleholder that makes a difference through actively volunteering and a role model that the next generation can use as an example. 

​Donna DeLaney Cokenour
Ms. Pageant Gal Missouri Elite 

My platform is the same as that of the Americas Super Pageant, “Buckle Up.” I believe firmly in buckling that seatbelt, whether going on a long journey or merely a trip around the block! Here’s why.

Many years ago, when seatbelts were barely seatbelts and folks rarely gave them a second thought, I was involved in a serious car accident that nearly put me through the windshield. My husband was driving and I was a passenger. He suffered from asthma and seasonal allergies and just as our vehicle headed into a curve in the road, he sneezed causing him to jerk the wheel, veer off the highway, jump a gaping ditch, and come to a halt mere inches from a telephone pole. Not wearing those almost non-existent seatbelts, the jolt threw the left side of my face directly into the windshield, bouncing me back onto the seatbelt buckle. That blow from the windshield put a huge cut over my eye; but worst of all it detached the retina in my left eye. The buckle on the seatbelt broke the third vertebra in my backbone. My husband smashed headlong into the steering wheel (there were no such devices as airbags way back then) and dislocated the cartilage in his nose. I’m extremely lucky that I am not paralyzed from the incident. I have no recollection of the events that followed, because I was traumatized and had temporary amnesia. However, I’m told I was escorted out of the car and back across the muddy ditch by my mother-in-law, father-in-law, and young daughter who had been following in a car behind us. Moving a person with a fractured vertebra can cause paralysis. I was fortunate in the aspect that this did not occur!

With my eye, however, I was not as lucky. Even after three separate surgeries (because the retina would not stay attached), I am completely blind in that left eye and have no depth perception. I was forced to totally relearn how to do many things such as driving and parking a car, placing dishes in

the cabinet, inserting keys into locks, watering flowers, playing the piano, tossing my batons and Samoan fire knives, etc. I had to relearn because with no depth perception, objects do not appear to be where they actually are. I had to learn to estimate the difference between where an object appears to be and where it really is. Even so, I DO feel somewhat fortunate, count my blessings, and thank God each and every day that I did NOT hit the windshield full-on with BOTH eyes! At least I’m NOT totally blind. I can still see with my right eye and a corrective lens!

My dear husband, on the other hand, seemed to have nothing more than that dislocated nose. The paramedics popped it back into place, x-rays were taken at the hospital of the nose and chest area, and he was cleared for release. Sadly, only a bit over a year later, he tragically passed away from cardiac arrest. An autopsy revealed an enlarged heart. Doctors speculated the cause was his blow to the steering wheel in that horrible car crash while wearing NO seatbelts! He had celebrated his 33rd birthday merely a few weeks earlier, way too young to die and leave a little girl with no daddy and a loving wife with no partner.

This is WHY I advocate seatbelts! I can’t say it enough! BUCKLE UP!!!

​Anna Milder
Miss Pageant Gal Idaho

Hello, my name is Anna Milder and I, as Miss Pageant Gal Idaho, want to be the next Miss Pageant Gal America or International. I live in Pocatello, Idaho, and I’m 28 years old. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from Idaho State University. I have recently received my Elementary Education teaching certification from the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. I am a full time 5th grade elementary teacher.

  My platform is advocating and promoting Sun Safety. Because I feel so passionate about my platform; I became owner and president of a spray tan company I started called Tantastic Spray Tans by Anna. Everyone feels more confident with a healthy looking glow. I aim to provide anyone and everyone with a healthier alternative to sun tanning. I want to promote a positive image and role model for women, men, girls and boys alike while educating them on the effects of skin cancer, and how to prevent it as well. After Melanoma affected my mother recently, I became a strong advocate for prevention of skin cancer and even started my own spray tan company, Tantastic. In competing, and hopefully earning the Miss Pageant Gal America or International title, I hope to serve as an example of a healthy, kind, intelligent individual that everyone can respect.

  My platform focuses on informing individuals about the dangers of skin cancer and the different types. It also shows them how to prevent it, and other alternatives to use in order to get that ever coveted "glow." I wanted to focus my platform on educating and helping to create a society of sun safe individuals who care about the health and safety of their skin. Approximately 9,500 people in the US are diagnosed with skin cancer daily, and non-melanoma skin cancer affects more than 3 million Americans a year. Ideally, my platform awareness, will help to lower this statistic significantly. 

With my platform "Sun Safety" I hope to educate individuals and lower these statistics while helping them and feel good about themselves both inside and out. It is a much better way of life! 

Clarissa Holmes
Miss Pageant Gal Montana 
Hello, My name is Clarissa Holmes. I am 19 years old and Today I would like to write to you about some illnesses usually not looked into and almost always taken the wrong way. Mental health illnesses,
But first I want to tell you life can change in a matter of seconds! Sometimes those seconds turn out to be 4 years of unknown pain and suffering. Four years of pushing on and staying strong for your family. being told your as strong as an Ox and have nothing to worry about except losing weight all because a doctor doesn’t want to deal with your anger issues you can’t control due to mental illness. 

This is personal to me because, my Father for four years was told he was fine and dropped by doctor after doctor for having a hard time communicating with any emotion but anger. He was bipolar,hyperactive, depressed,had adhd, PTSD, Parts of his mind lost to a stroke, and all of his organs were failing yet doctors told us he was fine. Doctors told us that me speaking for him when he couldn't communicate nicely was “disruptive” and “ I would be asked to leave if I didn’t shutup”. My Father needed my help to communicate as well as Doctors help to be healthy and have the meds he had his whole life and couldn't get because he had “anger issues” and was “verbally abusive”. He was only trying to communicate the only way he could. When we tried to get him someone who could communicate with doctors for him we were told budgets for that part of the system had been cut and they no longer offered that service. Tell me how a mental health illness can keep someone from having so much? Including a long life, my Father because of his mental health illness got to pass on at 46. Thanks to lack of mental health awareness he got turned away from every doctor who could of saved his life. I want to make people aware of mental health and help find funding for people who want to work with mental health patients to help them find doctors, pay for therapy, meds etc. I never want another family to feel how my family does thinking something could of been done if only that mental health problem was recognized and looked at through loving understanding eyes, instead of looked at as an extra trouble that doctors don’t have to tolerate. I want to make it my mission to relay the message of mental health patients and make sure they never face what my father and family faced for so long. 

  Justine Wagner
Mrs. Pageant Gal Montana Elite
“Be Your Beautiful Self”

For centuries, women have been made to believe that beauty is so much more on the outside than the inside. Beauty has been defined by what you wear, what size and shape you are, what color your hair is, if you wear makeup or not, and other external qualities that society deems to be considered beautiful. Beauty is so much more than that. Of all the feminine qualities, beauty is essential but so misunderstood. I believe the true beauty of a woman lies from within, in her form, her voice, her heart, her spirt and her life. A woman should be prized because of her inward beauty as well as her outward beauty. We long to be desired and pursued by people we meet as well as those we hold dear to our hearts. But society has made us believe that we must look a certain way or act a certain way in order to be considered beautiful. We struggle daily with the issue of beauty, always on a diet, always looking for ways to be prettier, and always trying to change ourselves to please others. Women are beautiful, every one of us in our own unique and wonderful way. We have delightful hearts and souls, but web struggle with believing in ourselves when so many others around us redefine the qualities of beauty for us. I have struggled with this issue of beauty myself for most of my life. As I’ve matured, I have come to the realization that I am a beautiful woman because I’m full of life, I love with all my heart, I care on a very deep level, and I’m beautiful on the inside. And to me, it’s the inside that matters most of all. And I want to help other women feel beautiful too.

Emily Lewis
Ms. Pageant Gal Utah 

 Seat Belt Safety has and continues to be my platform. Educating families of the importance of wearing a seat belt and that is saves lives has been so important to me. There is nothing like seeing new teen drivers grasp their responsibility in making sure everyone is safe in their car. With time and the world beating you down and told over and over how useless you are, turned me into someone I did not even know. Knowing a person’s worth starts with knowing your own. After several years of thinking I knew mine, I felt lost and realized my own worth had dimmed my “Invisible Crown”.

After much deliberation, I realized the need of worth. Not everyone sees theirs and need that reminder that it is there. I have a saying on my wall that I look at every day, it goes “Always wear your invisible crown”. After seeing that my own invisible crown was dimming, I knew that I needed to make a change. I need to get rid of the things that were toxic and destroying my crown, my worth. As the toxins were cleared, my “invisible crown” started to shine once again! With seat belts being so important to me, I felt that others worth was just as important. Being able to speak and show others their worth and how they are important to us, especially to our youth has allowed others to show kindness and love toward those in need.

Not everyone can see the “invisible crown” upon your head, but those that do can see the brightness that comes from within. Share the love and kindness and help others see their worth. Let them know how beautiful their “invisible crown” is on their heads! Being able to win the title of Ms. Pageant Gal would give me the opportunity to continue the “Invisible Crrown” project as well as promote seat belt safety. I have come to know my worth. My worth as a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend and mentor. I still have my moments, but as others feel their worth and see the good in themselves and those, they are around help all of our “invisible crowns” shine once more!