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Damaris Ortega Rivera
Miss Pageant Gal North Dakota 

Years ago the use of the seat belt was not a priority, or rather people did not give much importance to it. Today, despite the advanced technology, all the media used and campaigns to promote the use of the seatbelt, many people still not give much importance about this, that is why the accidents and deaths has increased over the years. 
  When I lived in Puerto Rico my brother had a car accident, he was on his way to the bar with his gf, when he was arriving a pickup left there just at the same time as the arriving and impact him. My brother suffered severe burns all over his body and face, and survived the accident, but his girlfriend died instantly, she wasn't wearing her seatbelt. After a while I had an accident as well, my father, and I were going back home and a van hit us turning our Jeep up side down, thank God and the seatbelt that we both was wearing saved our lives. After this I decided to do more than just tell someone to wear a seatbelt, I'm now doing everything possible to promote it.
  Eight years ago I moved to the United States from my beautiful Island Puerto Rico, I've been here alone working two jobs, studying, helping my family and on my second year pursuing my degree of science in Criminal Justice. I'm a Bilingual translator and been using this skill to get my voice heard. Last year I found out that one of my costumers from my previous job had an accident he flew out of his seat because he didn’t have his seatbelt and died. When I found out about this I got devastated, it make me remember of the times I talked to him about the importance of using seatbelt but he chose no to wear the seatbelt anyways. The goal of safety belts is to minimize injuries in a collision and other accidents, preventing the passenger from hitting the hard elements inside or against people in the previous row of seats or being thrown out of the vehicle. That's why you who read this, please do not wait for something to happen to use the seatbelt, buckle up before starting to drive, no matter what distance you are heading, or whatever method you use to get to your destination, and even if you are not driving, be sure to use your seatbelt and pay attention to who is with you, so you can be sure that they are also buckle up. Better safe than sorry, we all can save lives!

Sandy Dwyer
Mrs. India Pageant Gal Woman​
I have been a pageant coach and a contestant since I was 20 years old. I am a fashion model, business owner of Avon cosmetics and Advocare health products since my teenage years. Prior to my marriage I was an environmental, computer, and mechanical engineer for 15 years. I worked as a professor teaching adult joint vocational school. In addition I worked for the USA congress and worked in cosmetics, clothing, plus jewelry in between jobs. I have a variety of experiences and length in years in whatever I do. My passion since 2013 has been my “Buckle Up!” platform. I have two facebook pages India Super Queen and Fasten Your Seat Belt America and The World. Answering facebook constituents I have learned other people’s experiences plus their losses due to their or someone dear’s car accident. I know I am not alone.

My daughter was in a car accident two years ago. She was not hurt but was very much frazzled. When she stepped out of her car on SR 35 there was no side lane. Luckily she had her seat belt on. She hit the curb on an overpass due to some black ice on her way to work at Greene County Mac Airport. A group of police officers passing by on their way to training and a lady helped my daughter to gain her composure. They took her to work. In the evening we took her to the emergency room. She was okay according to two doctors. We had her car towed to the junkyard.

About a couple of weeks ago one of my pageant friends Emily died in a car accident. She hit a parked semi truck while driving 60 mph on SR 571. All her organs worked but her brain was permanently damaged. Her parents decided to take her off life support. I regret not going to her high school graduation party. I felt I was 31 years older than her thus I would be out of place. I have done a facebook tribute on her behalf. No one can predict when an accident can happen so “Buckle Up!”

Holly Mitchel
Mrs. Pageant Gal Nevada Woman

My home state of Nevada has a remarkable program. Zerofatalities. This program is designed to
educate drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, everyone that uses our roadways on how we can eliminate
fatalities on our roadways. Some people may think zero is an impossible goal, but when it comes
to your family and friends, what other number would be acceptable? We're aiming for zero
fatalities because everyone matters. There are so many distractions on our roadways today that is
almost seems impossible to drive safely. However, it is something that we can prepare for and
accomplish. Seat belts are one of the best ways that we can prevent a fatality. The National
Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) seat belt stats: Seat belt data was available for
32,598 of those involved in fatal car crashes. Of that number, 19,103 were not wearing seat belts.
4,200 lives could be saved each year if 90% of the U.S. population wore seat belts.
I have a unique view of automobile accidents. Fortunately, I have not been involved in a major
accident. However, years as an insurance defense paralegal gives me a unique perspective. I read
accident reports, medical records (very in depth records), view accident photographs, read
witness statements, listen to those involved and review their possible futures. If only more of
then wore seat belts, maybe my job wouldn’t exist, and I would be ok with that.

Alexsis Johnson-Rasheed
Mrs. Pageant Gal Pennsylvania Woman
A few things about me:

- My mantra is: "The tallest oak in the forest was once a little seed that held it's ground."
- Words to best describe me would be pragmatic, ambitious, diligent, empathetic and adventurous
- An avid reader, I also enjoy modeling, acting, singing, dancing (especially ballet, tap and ballroom), drawing, painting, designing clothing and jewelry, traveling, and volunteering at the community food bank and mentoring with Amachi Pittsburgh
- As of August 3, I'll have been married for 16 years
- At 6 feet tall I'm still the shortest child in my family
- Every member of my immediate family is an artist
- I could ice skate before I could roller blade
- I've worked for both Lion's Gate Films and Spike TV
- I can milk a cow and wire a lamp (but not at the same time :)

  Mark Twain has said: "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why." Mahatma Gandhi has also said: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Now what do these two quotes have in common? Well, not only was I born on October 2, (which just happens to be Gandhi's Birthday and World Peace Day), but my first name means "helper of mankind" as well. This being said, I feel as though I came into this world destined to be a force of progressiveness.
  I love that Pageant Gals offers an opportunity for females of all ages to not only share their personal platforms, but to learn about Pageant Gal's cause as well. Although I have many causes close to my heart, I've seen an immediate need in my community for youth advocacy. I, along with my husband are proud mentors for Amachi Pittsburgh, a faith-based organization that pairs at-risk children with individuals who want to foster positivity in their lives. I started out as a group mentor for teen girls and soon found myself tutoring Spanish. As of last month, I'm also a one-on-one mentor to a fifteen year old girl who wants to compete in pageants! What a great way for her to meet new people, practice public speaking and learn to present herself!

  As a potential Pageant Gal title holder, I would love to show the residents of my community (particularly the children) that if you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse. Personal responsibility is also very important. At the end of the day, we are accountable to ourselves. Our success is a direct result of what we do. It's nice to have the title and crown, but a true queen can shine even without them!

 Camy Rosenwald
Ms. Pageant Gal Arizona Elite
Let me introduce myself: my name is Camy Rosenwald. It’s actually Camilla; however, I strongly prefer Camy. My husband and I have been married just over seven months so, I guess, I’m still a newlywed. We started taking ballroom dancing classes in preparation for our wedding and enjoyed it so much that we have continued with our lessons and now appear in dance showcases. I’ve taken on the task of remodeling my husband’s home to make it ours. It has involved working with plumbers, roofers, solar people, house painters, scheduling, coordination, etc. My poor husband is taking it in stride.

My platform for many years has been Driver Awareness, with a strong emphasis on seat belt safety (buckle up or the vehicle does not move) and on motorcycle awareness. Per, “the national use rate was 89.6% in 2018 and seat belt usage in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 14,955 lives in 2017”. I took two motorcycle classes, which consisted of ten hours classroom study and testing and 20 hours of riding on a course, followed by course testing. After passing these classes I earned my motorcycle endorsement. This was an eye-opener for me and has made me more aware of my driving ability as well as those around me.

As Mrs. Arizona Pageant Gal Elite, I will continue to educate the community on the importance of proper seat belt usage and, for drivers, the importance of motorcycle awareness. Given the opportunity of winning the title of Mrs. Pageant Gal Elite allows more opportunities, not only to educate young drivers and other groups in my community and state but across our great nation.

Donna DeLaney Cokenour
Ms. Missouri Pageant Gal Elite
BUCKLE UP! That is the platform I passionately support. Having experienced a serious vehicle accident first-hand many long years ago, when safety belts were barely “safe” and people rarely gave them a second thought; I am a firm believer that buckling up saves lives and spares critical injuries. On that fateful night, my husband was driving, and I was a passenger. He suffered from asthma and allergies; and as destiny would have it, he sneezed while maneuvering around a curve. This inadvertently caused him to jerk the steering wheel. The automobile veered off the highway, jumped a ditch, and planted itself in a field. I was catapulted face-first into the windshield and then back against the seatbelt fastener. As a tragic result, the retina in my left eye detached; and the third vertebrae of my spinal column fractured. Though I recovered, I have a nasty knot on my spinal column where the vertebrae compacted, am completely blind in the left eye, have no depth perception, and have no peripheral vision. 

  …But I’m ALIVE. My husband was NOT so fortunate. Back then, there were no air bags. He suffered a crushing blow to the steering wheel which dislocated his nose and bruised his chest. During the next few months, that chest injury caused his heart to enlarge. One day he collapsed on the floor of the radio station where he worked and was dead in a matter of moments…cardiac arrest. He had just celebrated his 33rd birthday. 

  What does a person do after such a catastrophe? We have a daughter who was merely 8-years-old at the time. She had lost her dad, so she couldn’t cope with losing her mom as well. I HAD to pick up the pieces…move on. God helped me raise my daughter, watch her grow up, and see her bring beautiful, twin daughters into this world. Through the years, God blessed me with achievements beyond my wildest dreams. 

  I’m a psychological examiner; a model; and an IMDb actor, appearing on “America’s Got Talent” (with Samoan fire knives), “Nashville,” and in the movies “Secretariat,” “The Identical,” and “That’s the Way it Is” (with Elvis). I’m a former interviewer for a nationally and internationally syndicated radio program, having interviewed artists such as Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, and Reba McEntire; earned a BS in Education, a Masters in Guidance and Counseling, and a Specialists in Education, having worked with children K-12 for 20 years, mostly those with special needs; coached and accompanied members of the All-American Performance Team to extravaganzas in Australia and Hawaii; and served extensively with the Kenny Rogers Cerebral Palsy Children’s Center’s Telethon, Radiothon, and Walkathon and with St. Jude’s Radiothon. Going WAY back, I was Valedictorian in high school and played a piano solo at kindergarten graduation.

  I maintain that beauty comes from within…from the heart, mind, and soul. Outer beauty fades, but inner beauty continually shines a light outward. Keep YOUR light “alive!” BUCKLE UP!